Excess moisture is a concern in any home. For one, it creates an environment in which allergens and potentially toxic substances thrive. From that, a variety of health problems can emerge. Common responses include eye irritation, sore throat, congestion, sneezing and wheezing, skin rash and headaches.

In addition to health issues, excess moisture can lead to damage of your home and contents and unhealthy conditions, including:

  • Cupping wood floors
  • Damage to artwork, furniture and electronics
  • Wood rot of sills due to excess condensation on windows
  • Fungi in vents and air returns
  • Pests that thrive on damp spaces, including crawl space
  • Musty indoor odors
  • Higher demands on air conditioning / higher energy bills

Act Now
Maintaining indoor relative humidity levels between 35%-50% is considered ideal. Fungi and dust mites thrive on excess humidity – typically at levels at 60% and above. A whole home moisture control system promotes superior indoor air quality, protects your home and promotes better health.

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