Why should I be concerned about humidity levels inside my home?

High indoor relative humidity (IRH) causes a series of hazards to your home and health, including wood rot, wood eating insects, mold, fungi, musty odors, condensation on windows/doors/vents, electrical malfunctions, corrosion, cupping wood floors and health issues such as chronic sinusitis. These issues can all be controlled with a permanent dehumidification solution. Every home, new or old, suffers from the effects of high indoor relative humidity.


Can my Air Conditioning keep indoor humidity at safe levels?

Air conditioning does dehumidify to an extent, but it doesn’t do it effectively or efficiently. A/C is designed to cool a space, whereas dehumidification is designed to remove excess moisture from the air. In addition, you can run into an over-cooling situation, and cooler air cannot hold as much water as warmer air. That means condensation is more likely. So, even though A/C removes water as it cools, the relative humidity can actually rise from cooling a space. This creates a cool, but clammy, environment and overall discomfort. According to the United States EPA, the most effective way of controlling moisture is dehumidification.


My indoor Relative Humidity is 70%. Is that safe?

No, indoor relative humidity should be kept at levels below 60%, the threshold for mold growth. Ideally, indoor RH should be maintained between 30%-50%.


Will dehumidification cause my electric bill to increase?

Dehumidification creates a cooler, drier environment which creates less demand for A/C. Our solutions are energy-efficient and promote energy savings! Dehumidification allows you to use up to 3% less energy for every degree the thermostat is raised. Our customers have seen up to 30% savings on their energy bills. In addition, less draw on the A/C can help extend the life of your current HVAC system!


My wood floors are cupping. Could this be caused by humidity?

Absolutely. Wood floors will hold excess moisture and can cup quite severely. Our dehumidification solutions will slowly draw the moisture levels from the wood which, in most cases, allows them to lay flat again. We have had success with floors made of oak, pine and teak!


What kind of health issues are related to excess moisture and high indoor humidity?

High indoor RH promotes mold, fungi and bacterial growth. Common health issues that result include eye irritation, sore throat, congestion, sneezing and wheezing, skin rash, headaches and chronic conditions such as sinusitis. More serious health conditions can result from dangerous molds and studies are being conducted that link mold and fungi to other conditions, including dementia.


Will dehumidification affect the contents in my home?

Yes, for the better. Excess moisture in your home not only effects the structure, it also gets trapped in contents. Linens, bedding, drapery, artwork, even musical instruments and computer electronics are affected by excess moisture. With a proper dehumidification solution, your home, health and contents will all benefit as indoor RH is controlled and maintained below 60%, ideally 30-50%.


What does a dehumidification system cost?

Because each home is unique and has different levels of issues to address, each home needs to be assessed in order to determine a proper application and subsequent cost. Our dehumidification solutions are permanent, efficient and cost-effective. Once we assess your home, a quote will be provided. The assessment is always free of charge.


Is there a lot of maintenance related to a dehumidification equipment?

Our solutions are commercial grade, permanent solutions. They are not typical dehumidifiers you would have access to at local hardware stores. Thus, there is no dumping of pans, etc. The systems are stand-alone units and not tied into existing HVAC. They are tied into existing plumbing. Southern Climate Solutions offers a very low-cost maintenance agreement to service the unit(s) twice a year – checking coils, filters, and ensuring proper efficiency of the system. The maintenance agreement ensures the 6-year warranty.


Do I have to get the maintenance agreement?

No. However, in order to guarantee the 6-year warranty, service must be performed by an authorized team service member.