Health & Athletic Facilities / Gymnasiums

Health and Athletic facilities, as with any large, highly occupied space, often face many issues due to excess moisture and high indoor humidity levels.

In facilities where large groups of people are perspiring, this fact adds to indoor relative humidity issues as perspiration rapidly creates large quantities of airborne moisture which, in turn, becomes condensation.

Excess moisture issues can lead to mold and fungi issues on furniture, fixtures and equipment and can cause problems with structural and electrical elements, creating both safety issues and high maintenance costs.

Air-conditioning alone will not overcome moisture issues created in highly humid environments. A/C is created to cool a space whereas dehumidification eliminates excess moisture. Simply put, in highly humid environments, A/C does not have enough run-time hold relative humidity below 60% – once the temperature on the thermostat is hit, the A/C shuts off, creating a cool, but clammy, space. This is due to excess moisture.

According to the U.S. EPA, the most effective way to combat excess moisture is through dehumidification. The recommended indoor relative humidity for a safe and healthy environment is 30-50%. Mold cannot grow below 60% RH.

In addition, dehumidification creates a cooler, drier environment which creates less draw on A/C. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, for every degree your thermostat is raised, you can save 3% on your energy bill. Southern Climate Solutions customers have seen up to 40% savings through our solutions. Less wear and tear on A/C can also lead to longevity of your HVAC system.

Dehumidification will create a controlled environment, free of excess moisture-related hazards and promote savings through maintenance expense reductions and energy savings.

Southern Climate Solutions will create an efficient, effective, permanent solution utilizing top of the line commercial grade products along with a custom application to help you control your indoor pool and spa area, eliminating the hazards of high indoor relative humidity and excess moisture.

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