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Controlling temperature and relative humidity are critical to the preservation of collections. Uncontrolled moisture can damage a wide range of museum objects due to deterioration of hygroscopic materials resulting in warping, splitting and delamination. High indoor relative humidity, levels above 60%, promote mold, fungi and bacterial growth. High indoor RH also leads to corrosive environments, damaging not only metal collections, but adversely effecting important technology and electronics which can lead to equipment failures. Indoor relative humidity that is too low can cause hygroscopic materials, such as paper and leather, to become brittle as materials lose structurally important water.  Good air flow is also critical for preservation.

A proper dehumidification solution is critical for preservation as it stabilizes indoor relative humidity to acceptable levels for historical preservation. Though there is not one single ideal RH for diverse collections, indoor relative humidity between 25% – 60%, paired with temperature control, greatly reduces the damaging effects of excess moisture that results from excess moisture created from high indoor relative humidity.

Dehumidification creates a naturally cooler, drier environment. Thus, HVAC systems require less draw. Since temperature is a major factor in the speed at which deterioration of materials happens, a dehumidification solution – which inherently helps to cool as water is removed from the air – is essential. A proper dehumidification solution will also promote energy savings, lower maintenance costs and superior indoor air quality.

Southern Climate Solutions will create an efficient, effective, permanent solution utilizing top of the line commercial grade products along with a custom application to help you control indoor relative humidity, eliminating the hazards of excess moisture, to protect your historically relevant, priceless collections.

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