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With a focus on superior indoor air quality, creating a healthy, balanced, comfortable, energy-efficient indoor environments is our mission.

For nearly 20-years, we have proudly served the Greater Gulf Coast, successfully designing custom moisture control solutions for both residential and commercial customers, to improve indoor air quality, keeping people and structures safe from the harmful effects of excess moisture that results from our highly humid environment.

Each application is unique, as each structure has unique issues, layout and space considerations. Pair any of our solutions with our advanced air purification technology to maximize protection against bacteria and virus, including SARS-CoV-2, the virus the causes COVID-19 and its variants.

All of our dehumidification products are top-of-the-line commercial grade units from Santa Fe and Quest, offering a 6-year manufacturer’s warranty – the best warranty available today.


Both health and structural issues can result from high indoor humidity. The threshold for mold growth is 60% indoor relative humidity.



In homes with a crawlspace, moisture issues and mold growth begin in that area and move inside your home, creating a damp environment that promotes mold and poor indoor air quality.

The movement inside the home occurs as a result of a wicking effect from running the air conditioning, which causes negative pressure inside the home, drawing moisture from the crawlspace up through the the floors and into the structure. This is why we often see a cupping effect with hardwood floors.

Our CleanCrawl® Solution: To protect your home, we will fully encapsulate the crawlspace and install dehumidification to control both the crawlspace and the indoor environment. Our vapor barrier comes with a lifetime warranty and our commercial grade dehumidifiers have a 6-year warranty, the best in the market. Both your home and crawl will be protected from excess moisture, keeping relative humidity between 40%-50%, providing a clean, healthy space.

dehumidification - improve indoor air quality


Dehumidification - eliminate humidity problems

In slab homes, depending on size and configuration, we will install a solution inside the home, typically in the attic. Other locations are considered if space is limited.

The system will be strategically ducted to keep your home cool & dry and improve indoor air quality. Size and configuration of your home will determine the size and complexity of the solution.

Your home will be protected from excess moisture, keeping relative humidity between 40%-50%, to prevent mold and create a comfortable, cool, energy-efficient home.



In townhomes and condominiums, dehumidification options vary based on the size and layout of your space.

For smaller spaces under 1,500 square feet, an in-wall unit is an option. Fitting flush against the wall, this unit fits in between the studs in the wall. For larger spaces, more robust units are typically installed near the HVAC closet or in laundry areas, tucked away and out of sight.

These solutions will create a controlled indoor environment, keeping indoor relative humidity at safe levels, eliminating humidity problems such as condensation on windows and fungi/mold growth.

Dehumidification - eliminate humidity problems


Dehumidification - eliminate humidity problems

Dehumidification applications will protect your structure, equipment, products and employees from the hazards of high humidity and excess moisture which is often the cause of Sick Building Syndrome.

The number of units needed and capacity of the units is dependent on the space and layout of your facility, including the foundation type.

High capacity units with unique applications are available where the need exists. In all cases, excess moisture will be eliminated to protect from mold, corrosion and future structural damage. Indoor relative humidity at safe levels, between 40%-50%, will promote superior indoor air quality and energy savings as a dry environment is naturally cooler.


Dehumidification - eliminate humidity problems

A commercial grade dehumidification solution will be installed on your vessel to protect your cabin and its contents from mildew and corrosion as excess moisture will be removed from this space.

Unit capacity is based on the size of the space to be conditioned. Placement is tucked neatly away and out of sight.

Dehumidification will eliminate the musty odors, which result from active mold spores, on your boat. Removing excess moisture also helps to prevent corrosion of electrical components and gear.


Dehumidification - Airborne Pathogens

Maximum Protection Against Airborne Pathogens

Pair our in-duct UV-C light array, Shield®, with your dehumidification solution to protect against bacteria and virus, including SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, and its variants. This highly effective, proven technology has an efficacy of 99.9% and works continuously and proactively to deactivate deadly pathogens in-room, in real-time, 24-7-365.


Dehumidificaiton - Are You in the Zone


Controlling Moisture to Promote Healthy Indoor Air

Mold, along with virus and bacteria, thrive on moisture. In highly humid environments excess indoor moisture is a hazard that promotes pathogen viability and increases transmission rates of illness and disease. In addition, many health issues, including chronic sinusitis, respiratory problems and skin irritation can result from mold exposure.

In hot-humid and mixed-humid climates dehumidification is essential to healthy air and buildings. In addition, certain parts of the Eastern U.S., where humidity is more seasonal, can greatly benefit from moisture control solutions.

Dehumidification promotes superior indoor air quality and energy savings as cool, dry, clean air is circulated throughout the indoor space.


U.S. EPA Report on High Indoor Humidity and Mold

Humidity Mold

‘Humidity or dampness in the air can supply enough moisture for mold growth. Indoor relative humidity should be kept below 60 percent — ideally between 30 percent and 50 percent, if possible. Low humidity may also discourage pests (such as cockroaches) and dust mites.’

ASHRAE Report on Excess Moisture: Poor Health & Structural Issues


Research has shown ‘clear and consistent associations between occupancy of damp indoor spaces and increased probability of important adverse health effects such as development of new asthma, exacerbation of existing asthma, allergic rhinitis, and respiratory infections.’

MAYO Clinic: Mold is Cause of Chronic Sinus Infections

Mold Allergies

‘A number of factors can make you more likely to develop a mold allergy or worsen your mold allergy symptoms, including, Living in a house with high humidity. Having indoor humidity higher than 50% can increase mold in your home.’


Tommy Hanks wrote:

“The most professional, courteous and efficient company I have ever had the privilege of working with! Also, the single best decision I have made to insure an environmentally healthy home!  Thanks Mike and Team!”

Kevin Michael wrote:

” The first thing you experience with Southern Climate Solutions staff is the warm and affable personalities of each member of their team. The next thing to impress you is the knowledgeable, experienced professionalism that comforts you in realizing that having them install a humidity-control system is not only a good move for your home but the right decision for your family. Though we were told that it would take a number of days or weeks to really be able to tell a difference in our beach home, we knew by the second day after installation that our air was cleaner and fresher. With a family member who has lung challenges, we could tell quickly that having Mike and his staff install the dehumidifier was one of our best and most therapeutic moves… we look forward to having them help us with such an installation in our permanent residence! Thank you to SCS for making such a difference in our home and world!”

Lyn Harrison wrote:

“I had terrible moisture issues in my 107 year old home to the point that my kitchen ceiling and door frames were literally dripping water. I thought it was due to excessive attic heat, but I was informed that my HVAC unit was pulling moisture in from my crawl space. Mike with Southern Climate Solutions came out and gave me a quote to encapsulate my crawl space and install a dehumidifier. I hired his company to do the work, and they were absolutely amazing. His crew members were on time and kept me informed during the process. They completed it to perfection and went a step farther by adding trim to my attic access door to eliminate any excess heat from entering my kitchen. I highly recommend them if you have excessive humidity/moisture issues in your home. They understand the science and they are experts at fixing the problem. And they are reliable, which is VERY hard to find these days!!!”

Kevin Paul wrote:

“Thank you, thank you, thank you! Once again, your team went above and beyond….coming over to New Orleans to share your knowledge and talents and to work your transformational magic. Our house and mother-in-law addition are now basking in perhaps the lowest humidity in the NOLA area! Your willingness to help us out, your diligence in making this installation so thoroughly correct, your attention to detail and exactness, your acceptance of challenges with a smile and determination to make things work correctly….what more could we possibly say about all you have done to improve our home. We fully realize each day the cleaner, more easily breathable air….not to mention the savings we will surely continue to see even as summer approaches….we’re already keeping the thermostat 4-5 degrees warmer as we sleep than what we previously set. Family came over yesterday, and they noticed the quality of air even before we told them about your services. And tell them we will……all of them!
Thank you and your staff for making our living spaces not only more livable but enjoyable!”

Dehumidification - Testimonials

E. Lee wrote:

‘The floor (at my rental home) is almost completely laid back down, which is great. Also, the bug man said I had the best and cleanest crawlspace he had seen in East Hill. Thanks!’