Back in th late 1990’s, our founder owned a series of rental properties in the Southeast that were plagued with moisture issues. After much research he pointed to the subtropical climate, with it’s high humdity, as the culprit. Committed to finding a solution, he worked with various research teams at major universities to learn the best approach for controlling moisture for any type of structure, including crawl space homes, slab homes, condominiums, townhomes and commercial & industrial facilities. After installing a crawl space solution at his rental property, he was amazed by the immediate results and was inspired to share the solution with others. The business was a one man show at that time, and grew one home at a time over the next year. With nothing but positive results, he formed an LLC in early 2004 in Georgia and continued to expand the business. In 2012, he moved to Gulf Breeze, Florida, and incorporated there. Since then, Southern Climate Solutions has served 1000’s of homeowners, businesses and municipalities, creating custom moisture control solutions to combat the negative effects of high humidity while promoting superior indoor air quality.

Our Services

crawl space encapsulation with dehumidifier

Crawl Space Encapsulation with Dehumidification

For structures with a crawl space, your moisture issues begin here. Encapsulation with dehumidification will protect the crawl space from moisture damaged wood and mold while keeping the inside of your home dry, healthy and safe.

attic dehumidifier installation

Whole Home Dehumidification (Interior Installation)

For structures built on a slab and condominiums, an installation of a dehumidifier in the attic that is ducted to your living space is the perfect way to protect your home from the hazards of excess moisture, including mold and poor indoor air quality.

in wall dehumidifier

Dehumidifiers for Smaller Spaces & Garages

Our in-wall unit is perfect for smaller spaces and garages under 1400 square feet. This compact unit fits nicely between wall studs and removes up to 33 pints of moisture a day to keep your space dry or to prevent corrosion of valuables in your garage.

city building

Commercial & Industrial Dehumidification Solutions

In highly humid environments, commercial buildings are prone to moisture issues that promote mold and fungi growth. Learn how to safeguard your structure from Sick Building Syndrome to keep your building, employees, patrons and guests safe.

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Service Areas

pensacola home

Whether a historical home or brand new construction, pride in ownership abounds in Pensacola! it’s important to protect your home from high humidity and excess moisture that can lead to cupping wood floors and mold growth.

Dehumidified homes in Destin maintaining their health

Living in a coastal community has it’s perks! But it also comes with salt water and high humidity! Make sure you understand the negative effects of high humidity and high water tables as it relates to your investment.

mobile alabama home

Homeowners in Mobile know the meaning of Sweet Home Alabama! But the heat and humidity can harm your home and family’s health. Dehumidification protects your home and provides superior indoor air quality for the one’s you love.

Dining room kept dry with whole home dehumidification process at Santa Rosa Beach

You have beautiful views and with that comes heat and humidity. Moisture in the air promotes mold growth and a variety of health issues, including chronic sinusitis and respiratory issues. Take the step to protect your home from theses hazards.


You’re finally in your dream home! Now to make sure that you keep mold and musty odors at bay. A dehumidification solution will protect your home, family and guests from the havoc the coastal climate can have on your home.

new orleans home

Rich in history and tradition, it’s no wonder NOLA is the place you call home. Dehumidification will preserve your historical home and contents from high indoor moisture and musty odors, allowing it to last for generations to come.

I recently purchased a house in Navy Point and this summer the wood floors started cupping and buckling. I had several plumbers and appliance repair folks checking for leaks and there were none. I called Southern Climate Solutions and the owner, Mike Murphy, clearly explained the root cause of the moisture issue. He and his team did their “mitigation magic” and 6 weeks later, I saw a total transformation in my floors. I had an estimate of about $1200 to repair the floor initially, but now only a couple of boards will need to be replaced. The house is much more comfortable and I am even saving on electric costs. I couldn’t be happier with the results!

Jan Z.,

Pensacola Homeowner

We reached out to Southern Climate Solutions to help us with our crawlspace, that was so wet and humid that it was causing our original 1960’s hardwood flooring to buckle repeatedly. From the very first call Mike was professional, responsive and thoroughly answered all of my (many) questions, explaining how he could fix our problem permanently. Within days his team installed a full water barrier and dehumidifier, which I’m happy to say has solved the problem completely, just like he said it would. His team has continued to monitor the dehumidification progress and kept me informed every step of the way. I’m so grateful we found Mike and his team and would highly recommend Southern Climate Solutions for anyone who has a crawlspace.

Lauren W.,

East Hill Homeowner

Commercial Customers