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Crawlspace Encapsulation and Whole House Dehumidification 

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Solution-Oriented Dehumidification Systems for Moisture Control, Mold Prevention & Superior Indoor Air Quality

For 20+ years, Southern Climate Solutions has been serving Navarre and the Greater Gulf Coast.  A family-owned business based in Gulf Breeze, Florida, our focus is providing superior indoor air quality. By eliminating excess moisture we prevent mold, moisture damaged wood, musty odors, corrosion, cupping wood floors, wood eating fungi and pests, health issues, high energy costs and excessive maintenance costs. At SCS, we create healthy, energy-efficient spaces.

We’ve learned that homeowners are normally unaware of what is causing musty smells inside their homes – or what causes mold, mildew, and cupping wood floors. The underlying cause is excess moisture brought on by high humidity and high water tables, a product of our environment in NWFL.

To prevent mold & mildew, you must control moisture. For homes with a crawl space, this entails encapsulating the crawl space and installaing a commercial grade dehumidifier in that space. Crawl space encapsulation is a barrier technique in which we create an envelope in the crawl, allowing that space to be conditioned and controlled. In turn, the dehumidifier controls moisture levels in the crawl space as well as inside the home, offering a whole home solution. We will create a healthy crawl space and home by keeping relative humidity at 40%-50%. This process also prevents structural damage created by excess moisture and molds that eat the cellulose out of the wood. For all 30A locations, we can successfully control moisture levels through crawl space encapsulation and dehumidification.

For residential homes without a crawl space, we have a number of interior dehumidification applications to control excess moisture, prevent mold and promote superior indoor air quality. All of our products are commercial grade, permanent solutions. With high humidity 12-months a year, moisture issues affect every home in NWFL, both new and old, and create a variety of hazards, including mold, cupping wood floors, excess condensation on windows and doors, dripping vents, musty odors, and moisture damaged wood. In addition, many heath issues are related to mold, including chronic sinusitis, skin irritations, cold-like symptoms and respiratory ailments. Commercial dehumidification is the most efficient, effective solution to control moisture and prevent these hazards.

Residential Dehumidification Applications


Our Solutions are commercial grade, energy efficient, stand-alone, permanent solutions that keep indoor relative humidity at safe, healthy levels, between 40%-50%.

crawl space encapsulation with dehumidifier

Crawl Space

Our team of expert installers will encapsulate the crawl space and close off all vents to create an envelope to be conditioned. A dehumidifier will be installed in the crawl to keep both your Navarre home and crawl space dry and healthy, safe from mold, pests and moisture damaged wood. 

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attic dehumidifier installation


For homes built on a slab, condominiums, a commercial dehumidifier will be installed in the attic and vented into the living space to keep your home and family safe from the hazards of high indoor humidity, all while promoting superior indoor air quality and energy savings. 

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in wall dehumidifier


A perfect solution for smaller spaces under 1400 sqft, our in-wall commercial dehumidifier is tucked away between the stud walls. This option is also great option for smaller condo’s and guest homes. With a garage installation you can safeguard your assets from corrosion and mold.

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Benefits of Dehumidification


woman relaxing on her home


By removing excess moisture from your home, we prevent a number of hazards such as fungi and commom allergens, promoting superior indoor air quality to keep your family safe from the hazards of high indoor humidity.

moldy wall

Mold Prevention

Mold needs moisture to survive. By keeping indoor realtive humidity at safe levels, between 40%-50%, your Navarre home will be safe from mold & fungi growth which also eliminates any musty odors in your home.

energy savings

Energy Savings

A drier space is naturally cooler. With dehumidification your Navarre home will be cool, comfortable and energy efficient. Customers, on average, see savings between 15%-30% on their energy bill with dehumidification.

Why Homeowners Choose Southern Climate Solutions

Moisture control and dehumidification is an investment in your Navarre home and choosing the right team of professionals is important. At SCS, we’ve worked with 1000’s of homeowners, associations and municipalities over two decades. Over 90% of our business comes from customer referrals – a testament to our exceptional business practices, high ethics and excellent results.


At SCS, our sole focus is indoor air quality and moisture control. We understand the impact of high humidity and high water tables. We also understand how structures hold moisture, how they breathe and the impact home improvements have on the dynamic of your home. When we evaluate your space, we look at everything impacting your situation to get to the root of the problem. We’ll discuss that with you thoroughly, whether you’ve made a decision about dehumidification or not, free of charge. If you need services unrelated to services we provide, we are happy to refer you to our network of experts in IAQ, mold testing, HVAC, and flooring and we back our reputation on them.


When you choose SCS, you will work directly with the owner of the company for your evaluation and assessment, who visits every home and/or business, inspects every crawl space and discusses the dynamic of your structure and issues you are experiencing in detail so that a game plan can be established to permanently fix your moisture issues. Our team of installers are friendly, efficient and professional. Customers often comment that they left the job cleaner than when they walked through the door! Our maintenance team will schedule service every six months, to ensure your equipment continues working at maximum efficiency to keep your home and family safe.


The work we do requires expertise, precision and years of experience. It can also be labor intensive. Our team of installers and maintenance technicians have been with us for over a decade, adding to our company expertise, good business practices and success of our local, Gulf Breeze, FL., business. While dehumidification services are an investment, it doesn’t necessarily mean breaking the bank. We work efficiently, offering fair pricing, exceptional service and TIMELY installations to all of our customers, big or small. At the end of the day, we can look in the mirror with a clear conscience, knowing that our services are a great value and absolutely worth the investment.


When it comes to commercial dehumidifiers, we offer a broad lineup of product, from a 33-pint in-wall unit to an 876-pint high efficiency unit for commercial and industrial facilities. All of our products are proudly made in the USA and come with the best warranties the market has to offer. Our virgin poly fiber vapor barrier for encapsulation applications is durable, inspection friendly and comes with a lifetime warranty. In more than 20 years, we’ve never had to replace a barrier to due damage! Our custom-fabricated crawl space access doors are rust-proof and made to last. Maufactured from aluminum, the panels are air tight to help maintain a controlled crawl space environment.

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Customer Service Focused

When we make a commitment to our customers, we honor it. Regardless of the scope of work, our dehumidification experts will manage the expectations of our customers with diligence and transparency, while giving honest feedback on what would be the most beneficial and affordable solution to solve their problem. This is the foundation our company has been built on over the past 20+ years. Our staff is not only passionate about improving indoor air quality for our customers, but they’re also well trained as the top dehumidifier installers and crawl space encapsulation service providers in 30A. Your local service will be assigned to a project manager that communicates systematically, consistently & effectively until all project requirements have been fulfilled. Contact us via our website forms or call us directly at 850-730-1282 to discuss your issues and set an appointment for a free evaluation and quote.