End to end high water table solutions in Pensacola, FL

High water tables are a nuisance for most homeowners. The water table lies underground and is the level at which the soil and gravel are completely saturated with water. High water tables are often above the level of a basement floor or crawl spaces. This can lead to infiltration of water or major flooding in these areas, causing a mountain of issues in the crawl and inside your home. 

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There is often some seasonal change in the water table, due to rain or drought. In months where rain is more significant, or if a large amount of rain falls in a short period of time, water tables can become elevated as they receive more water than they drain off. During heavy rainfall, the surface water will penetrate the ground and force the water table up. If the water isn’t draining in your yard, you more than likely have a problem with seasonally high water tables. At Southern Climate Solutions, we see this often in the East Hill Neighborhood in Pensacola. 

How High Water Tables Affect Your Home

 In extreme cases, water can cause your foundation to crack or shift.  A more common issue is the excess moisture that accumulates in the crawl. High levels of moisture will promote moisture damaged wood, rot, pests, and mold growth. 

Left unattended, mositure can cause damage to your crawl space that can be costly to repair. Preventing moisture and the issues it can create is always the best option. At Southern Climate Solutions, we’ve created dry crawls for 20+ years!

Crawl space moisture finds it way into your home, leading to a number of hazards, including:

  • Mold
  • Musty Odors
  • Cupping Wood Floors
  • Peeling Paint & Wallpaper
  • Unhealthy Indoor Air Quality
  • Chronic Health Issues
  • High Energy Costs
  • Cold, Clammy Feel

How to Protect Your Home From Seasonal High Water Tables

Yard Drainage: Drains for yards with a high water table can include surface drains, underground drains, raised areas or a combination of all three. Proper drainage will channel the water away from your home so that excess groundwater won’t infiltrate the crawl space. 

Encapsulation: A full encapsulation of your crawl space with dehumidification can keep groundwater from seeping into the crawl space while keeping the space dry and healthy.


man in crawl space

I recently purchased a house in Navy Point and this summer the wood floors started cupping and buckling. I had several plumbers and appliance repair folks checking for leaks and there were none. I called Southern Climate Solutions and the owner, Mike Murphy, clearly explained the root cause of the moisture issue. He and his team did their “mitigation magic” and 6 weeks later, I saw a total transformation in my floors. I had an estimate of about $1200 to repair the floor initially, but now only a couple of boards will need to be replaced. The house is much more comfortable and I am even saving on electric costs. I couldn’t be happier with the results!

Jan Z.,

Pensacola Homeowner

We reached out to Southern Climate Solutions to help us with our crawlspace, that was so wet and humid that it was causing our original 1960’s hardwood flooring to buckle repeatedly. From the very first call Mike was professional, responsive and thoroughly answered all of my (many) questions, explaining how he could fix our problem permanently. Within days his team installed a full water barrier and dehumidifier, which I’m happy to say has solved the problem completely, just like he said it would. His team has continued to monitor the dehumidification progress and kept me informed every step of the way. I’m so grateful we found Mike and his team and would highly recommend Southern Climate Solutions for anyone who has a crawlspace.

Lauren W.,

East Hill Homeowner


Our team at Southern Climate Solutions, where our sole focus is moisture control, has been creating healthy crawl spaces and homes for over two decades. The solution is to create a controlled environment in your crawl. This includes removing the debris and insulation from the crawl space that impedes encapsulation followed by a full encapsulation of the space using a vapor barrier on the ground and around the perimeter wall of the crawl. We’ll seal off the vents and install a commercial grade dehumidifier to remove anywhere from 70-120 pints of water per day from your crawl space and home. Our team will also fabricate an aluminum door for crawl space access – a rust-free solution. Our efficient, hard-working team can typically install a moisture control solution in 1 day. And, we can typically get our customers on the installation schedule in under three weeks.

Our poly virgin ground barrier is both rugged and inspection friendly and comes with a lifetime warranty. In all the years our team has been encapsulating, we have never had to replace a barrier due to wear and tear! And home inspectors and pest companies love our product as it is clear and gives then an easy view of your structure.

Our dehumidifiers are all commercial grade, energy-efficient units that are covered by some of the best warranties in the market and are made in the U.S.A.  

We always offer free evaluations and quotes for homeowners in our area.

Southern Climate Solutions serves the Greater Gulf Coast, including Pensacola, Destin, 30A, Mobile and communities nearby.