Serving the Greater Gulf Coast

Southern Climate Solutions has been serving the Greater Gulf Coast for nearly two decades. A family-owned business based in Gulf Breeze, Florida, we pride ourselves in providing effective solutions to prevent the hazards of high humidity and excess moisture.

Our focus at Southern Climate Solutions is providing superior indoor air quality. By eliminating excess moisture, the effects of which include mold, wood rot, musty odors, corrosion, cupping wood floors, wood eating fungi and pests, health issues, high energy costs and excessive maintenance costs, we create healthy, energy-efficient spaces.

Through various applications, utilizing stand-alone commercial-grade dehumidification equipment, we create controlled indoor environments that are cool, dry and healthy. Our solutions are efficient and permanent.

For continuous, proactive air disinfection, we utilize advanced UV-C light technology to greatly minimize the threat of airborne pathogens, including COVID-19 and its variants.

Southern Climate Solutions provides solutions for residential, commercial, industrial and marine segments, creating cost effective, custom applications to serve any need.

What sets us apart …

  • Moisture control experts – our sole focus is creating effective moisture control solutions using commercial grade dehumidification
  • Lifetime warranty on crawl space encapsulation ground barriers
  • Best equipment warranty in the market – 6-year manufacturer’s warranty on all dehumidifiers
  • Full-service provider, including low-cost, opt-in, non-binding maintenance plans for dehumidification equipment and encapsulation barriers
  • Solutions for residential, commercial and marine vessels, including – crawl space, slab, condo, industrial, boats
  • Locally owned & operated for 20-years with 100% satisfied customers

Michael Murphy

A life-long entrepreneur and successful business owner with patented product, Michael formed Southern Climate Solutions in 2004 after experiencing the negative effects the climate of the Southeast region had on homes and health.

With a focus on indoor air quality and good health, Michael perfected sustainable, custom dehumidification solutions to control the indoor environment for both residential and commercial spaces, preventing mold and other hazards.

Michael attended Troy University and entered the world of business ownership in 1984, starting a small boat manufacturing company he grew from 3 employees to 180 over four years when he sold the company. Over the next 20-years, Michael started several successful businesses and patented a product still used today in the marine craft and yacht segment. His focus on indoor air quality led to the start of Southern Climate Solutions, which Michael has successfully run since 2004.

“My business experience, both successes and failures, have been the foundation for building Southern Climate Solutions into a very successful company. Having the ability to pivot quickly in response to demands, whether a crisis like COVID-19 or customer demands, continues to fuel my passion to create products that solve issues.”

Lisa Murphy

Lisa began a 35-year career in Media in 1989, where she managed a strategic marketing group as a General Accounting Manager for Thomson Newspapers in Northeast Ohio.

Lisa’s passion for the operational side of Media led her to the position of Chief Financial Officer. Then, in 2010, Lisa accepted the role as Publisher for Calkins Media at the Beaver County Times in Western Pennsylvania. In the company’s 100-year operation, Lisa was honored to be the first female publisher for the company.

In 2015, Lisa moved to Gulf Breeze, Florida, where she was named President and Publisher of Gannett’s Pensacola News Journal. Lisa successfully transformed the operation as she led through many disruptors introduced by digital media.

In 2018, Lisa left the media world to join Michael at Southern Climate Solutions where she manages both the finances and marketing for the company.

Lisa is an avid photographer and also runs

A 1989 graduate of Youngstown State University, Lisa earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration where she majored in Accounting and Statistics.

“Transitioning from the corporate world to business owner and entrepreneur was a whirlwind. My experiences in media allowed me to understand the entire operation, not just the accounting department. That experience -understanding all aspects of business – from the mailroom to the board room, was invaluable. I’ve always had a flair for the creative, combined with the ability to react quickly, I embraced the world of business owner and entrepreneur quickly.”