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Commercial Grade Moisture Control Systems

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Creating Safe and Healthy Indoor Environments

Protect Your Family.  Protect Your Home.

Your Health

Common health issues associated with excess moisture include eye irritation, sore throat, congestion, sneezing and wheezing, skin rash and headache.

Be Proactive

Fungi, mites and other sick makers thrive on excess moisture. Maintaining indoor RH levels between 35-50% is considered ideal.

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Your Property

Excess moisture can damage wood floors, artwork, furniture and electronics. It also causes sweating windows, dripping vents and musty odors.

Protected Homes

Maintaining indoor RH below 50% is essential in protecting your home and contents.

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Your Comfort

Excess moisture causes us to feel hot and sticky and contributes to musty odors in the home.

Quality of Life

Whole home moisture control addresses these uncomfortable situations – all year round.

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Your Savings

According to the US Department of Energy, controlling moisture can make your home more energy efficient and less costly to heat and cool.

Efficient & Effective

Controlling indoor moisture allows you to use up to 3% less energy for every degree the thermostat is raised.

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“This has been a blessing for my family. I had just moved to the south and couldn’t understand why my allergies were making me so sick! Southern Climate Solutions assessed humidity levels inside my home – nearly 70%. I had a whole home moisture control system installed and my suffering has been eliminated. Thank you!

-Jennifer L. (Pensacola, FL)

Our entire office staff constantly dealt with horrible allergy-like symptoms.  We heard about Southern Climate Solutions and had our building assessed.  Mold was found! Mike and his team installed their system and, boy, what a difference! We’re all breathing better!  Thanks so much!

-Downtown Pensacola Office

We were repainting our place on the beach every year with Kilz.  We contacted Southern Climate Solutions and Mike explained the effects of high humidity. We decided to have a system installed.  Have had to paint since the system went in! it was great to not only understand our issues, but to also resolve them! Highly recommend!

-Jerry L. (Pensacola Beach, FL)

My husband and I own a condo on the beach, but we aren’t there full-time. We had to keep the air running constantly to battle the moisture in our home. Our electric bills were out of control!  We found Southern Climate Solutions and decided to have a system installed. Wow! Now we keep our air on 78 and it feels cooler and drier than ever and our electric bill went down about 35%! Thank you SCS!

-Fran S. (Pensacola Beach, FL)

I noticed my hardwood floors began cupping.  During my annual termite inspection, I was told my foundation was wet and moldy.  The inspector suggested I contact Southern Climate Solutions.  I’m so glad I did! Their system eliminated the moisture and mold issue (and a big pest problem) and my hardwood floors laid back down within weeks!

-Ruth N. (Gulf Breeze, FL)

Whole House Moisture Control

Effective and efficient solutions for a healthy and comfortable home.