Moisture Control Professionals

Southern Climate Solutions creates permanent dehumidification solutions to effectively control indoor environments, eliminating the hazards of high humidity.

Solutions That Work

Designing efficient, cost-effective dehumidification solutions to fit your needs is our expertise. Our custom applications, with proper airflow and placement, will effectively control your indoor environment, safeguarding your assets and mechanical processes from excess moisture while promoting superior indoor air quality and energy savings.

Team of Experts

Decades of combined expertise in moisture control as well as mechanical and structural disciplines, along with a partnership with one of the most experienced manufacturer networks available, Southern Climate Solutions will create, install and maintain your permanent Moisture Control Solution.


Eliminate excess moisture and condensation to PREVENT mold & fungi, musty odors, and unwanted pests while promoting superior indoor air quality, comfort and energy savings

Commercial / Industrial

Create a controlled environment to protect mechanical & technology rooms from corrosion and equipment failures while reducing maintenance expense.

Souther Climate Solutions -Sport Fishing Yacht


Eliminate musty odors and mold by permanently eliminating the excess moisture that causes these conditions, while reducing the need for marine air.

Our Next Generation Healthy Air Solution

Combining commercial grade dehumidification to prevent mold with powerful UV-C LED light to destroy airborne pathogens, including COVID-19, we offer the most effective air defense available. Our solution runs continuously, proactively addressing pathogens in real-time, 24-7-365, without disruption to your life or business.

About Southern Climate Solutions


Southern Climate Solutions provides residential and commercial indoor humidity control throughout the Gulf Coast of Florida, Alabama, and Louisiana.


For the past 15 years, Southern Climate Solutions has proudly served the Greater Gulf Coast, creating effective commercial grade indoor humidity control solutions to combat the hazards of high humidity.


Client Testimonials

The most professional, courteous and efficient company I have ever had the privilege of working with! Also, the single best decision I have made to insure an environmentally healthy home! Thanks Mike and Team!

Tommy Hanks

The first thing you experience with Southern Climate Solutions staff is the warm and affable personalities of each member of their team. The next thing to impress you is the knowledgeable, experienced professionalism that comforts you in realizing that having them install a humidity-control system is not only a good move for your home but the right decision for your family. Though we were told that it would take a number of days or weeks to really be able to tell a difference in our beach home, we knew by the second day after installation that our air was cleaner and fresher. With a family member who has lung challenges, we could tell quickly that having Mike and his staff install the dehumidifier was one of our best and most therapeutic moves… we look forward to having them help us with such an installation in our permanent residence! Thank you to SCS for making such a difference in our home and world!

Kevin Michael

Mike and Mike: Thank you, thank you, thank you! Once again, your team went above and beyond….coming over to New Orleans to share your knowledge and talents and to work your transformational magic. Our house and mother-in-law addition are now basking in perhaps the lowest humidity in the NOLA area! Your willingness to help us out, your diligence in making this installation so thoroughly correct, your attention to detail and exactness, your acceptance of challenges with a smile and determination to make things work correctly….what more could we possibly say about all you have done to improve our home. We fully realize each day the cleaner, more easily breathable air….not to mention the savings we will surely continue to see even as summer approaches….we’re already keeping the thermostat 4-5 degrees warmer as we sleep than what we previously set. Family came over yesterday, and they noticed the quality of air even before we told them about your services. And tell them we will……all of them!
Thank you and your staff for making our living spaces not only more livable but enjoyable!

Kevin Paul