Over the past 15 years, Southern Climate Solutions has been creating the most effective and efficient dehumidification solutions for residential and commercial customers across the Greater Gulf Coast. Decades of combined expertise in humidity control as well as mechanical and structural disciplines, along with a partnership with one of the most experienced manufacturer networks available, Southern Climate Solutions will create, install and maintain your Moisture Control Solution.

  • Performance Evaluation

After installation, our team will complete an inspection of the system and conduct a performance evaluation. Data charts capturing temperature and relative humidity, both before and after installation, along with a summary description of results can be made available.

  • Preventive Maintenance

Southern Climate Solutions provides preventative maintenance on bi-annual basis to ensure no performance efficiency and effectiveness. Twice a year, a member of our service team will inspect coils, filters and other elements of the equipment, cleaning and/or replacing parts as necessary to ensure top performance.

  • Service Repair

In the case of any equipment issues, our service team will perform a comprehensive evaluation and provide the necessary replacement parts in a timely manner. A 6-year equipment warranty is available. 

  • Remote Monitoring

For large, commercial applications, Southern Climate Solutions can install remote monitoring equipment via Wi-Fi to any system providing the user with real-time check-ups and alerts in the event your system experiences unexpected problems.

Contact us at (850) 319-7489 for an assessment, free of charge.