Without a doubt, one of the most frantic calls we receive is from homeowners having issues with cupping wood floors. All too often, folks believe faulty installation is to blame. But in southern climates, excess moisture is a common culprit.

Eliminate Excess Moisture From Your Home
High humidity creates a moisture trap on the underside of flooring. As a result, cupping occurs. But there’s no need to replace the floors. A whole home moisture control system can resolve the problem and reverse the cupping effect.

Our Customers
One of the best calls I received was from a customer who had cupping floors throughout his home and considered replacing them at a cost of almost $30,000. Luckily, his builder referred him to Southern Climate Solutions to assess indoor relative humidity levels. We moved forward, installing a whole home moisture control system. Three weeks later, he called and insisted I come to his home. He was thrilled that his floors has all laid back into place and wanted to show me the great results.

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