Condensed window solutions in Pensacola, FL

In Pensacola, and areas across the Gulf Coast, high humidity is present 12-months a year, causing a number of hazards, including mold, and a variety of health issues such as chronic sinusitis and respiratory issues.

Condensation on the inside of windows and glass doors is an early and reliable sign of high indoor relative humidity. This is most often seen during the winter months when outside temperatures are cooler than the indoor temperature. The phenomenon is referred to as the iced tea effect as we see it when taking a cold glass of tea outside during the summer months and the glass sweats.

At Southern Climate Solutions, we’ve worked with 1000’s of homeowners across Florida and Alabama, providing permanent dehumidification solutions to combat the negative effects of excess moisture for over 20-years.

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Benefits of Commercial Dehumidification

Reduced energy costs: With a commercial grade dehumidifier, you create a drier, cooler space which reduces energy bills.

Improved indoor air quality: Dehumidification prevents mold, mildew, and other allergens, leading to better air quality and a healthier living environment.

Preserve structural integrity: Encapsulation with dehumidification can help ensure that your home stays structurally sound.

Comfort: Dehumidification creates a cool, comfortable space versus a cold, clammy feel. 


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We Proudly Serve the Greater Gulf Coast 

pensacola home

Whether a historical home or brand new construction, pride in ownership abounds in Pensacola! it’s important to protect your home from high humidity and excess moisture that can lead to cupping wood floors and mold growth.

Dehumidified homes in Destin maintaining their health

Living in a coastal community has it’s perks! But it also comes with salt water and high humidity! Make sure you understand the negative effects of high humidity and high water tables as it relates to your investment.

mobile alabama home

Homeowners in Mobile know the meaning of Sweet Home Alabama! But the heat and humidity can harm your home and family’s health. Dehumidification protects your home and provides superior indoor air quality for the one’s you love.

Dining room kept dry with whole home dehumidification process at Santa Rosa Beach

You have beautiful views and with that comes heat and humidity. Moisture in the air promotes mold growth and a variety of health issues, including chronic sinusitis and respiratory issues. Take the step to protect your home from theses hazards.


You’re finally in your dream home! Now to make sure that you keep mold and musty odors at bay. A dehumidification solution will protect your home, family and guests from the havoc the coastal climate can have on your home.

new orleans home

Rich in history and tradition, it’s no wonder NOLA is the place you call home. Dehumidification will preserve your historical home and contents from high indoor moisture and musty odors, allowing it to last for generations to come.

Other Signs of High Indoor Humidity and Excess Moisture